Pansly New Formulated Lavender Hair Removal Kit

Pansly Lavender Hair Removal Spray(100ml  Pansly-34)

Pansly, a brand-new formula of lavender hair removal spray, can relieve skin irritation, shrink pores, and remove hair painlessly.

This hair removal spray removes the hair near the roots more cleanly than ordinary products, keeping the skin smooth. Our hair removal products will not damage the hair follicles and will not cause any discomfort to the skin.


Step 1: Spray the cream on the desired area and keep it for 5-10 minutes. 

Step 2: Use a towel or soft tissue to extract the hair from the place where the product is applied. 

Step 3: Rinse the depilated area with warm water. 


In order to experience better result, you can soften your hair, such as taking a warm bath. 

We would like to advice you to do a sensitivity test if you consider having a sensitive skin.

Please use hair growth inhibitor spray to repair pores and inhibit hair growth after completion.

Pansly Hair Growth Inhibitor Spray(50ml   Pansly-35)

The Hair Growth Inhibitor Made with natural ingredients, can effectively inhibit and reduce hair regrowth, and any hair that grows back will be lighter and softer.

It reduces hair regrowth without neither drying nor irritating your skin. It is natural and gentle enough to keep your skin smooth and nourished after waxing.
The refreshing spray texture, suitable for hands, legs and underarms can quickly replenish skin moisture, especially suitable for summer use.

Pansly Hair Growth Inhibitor Cream ( 50g  Pansly-36 )

The active ingredients of the hair inhibitor cream penetrates deep into hair follicles, helping reduce cell growth rate, thereby reducing hair follicles and hair regeneration, while keeping skin smooth, soothed and nourished. 

It is a hair removal laser alternative and is best partner for IPL hair removal laser. The use of this product provides a better effect of inhibiting hair growth.

The hair inhibitor cream is made of lavender ingredients and is gentle, smooth and enriches your skin. They replenish the nutrients lost after hair removal, thereby preventing dryness and redness of the skin, and keeps it supple.

With fruit flower scent suitable for whole body use and moisturizing lotion texture, it can effectively moisturize and whiten the skin.

Pansly Ingrown Hair Essence Spray ( 50ml   Pansly-37)

Recommended for use after shaving, waxing, sugaring, tweezers treatment. This ingrown hair essence spray help in cooling irritated skin and prevent ingrown hairs after epilation.

Premium products keep the skin hydrated, moisturized and reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation and restore skin elasticity.

For ingrown hairs and razor bumps or dark spot.


A series of hair removal products can be used together to obtain better hair removal results. Use hair removal products first, then use products that inhibit hair growth to make hairs  grow thinner and softer, and finally achieve the effect of stopping hair growth.

Pansly hair growth inhibitor products should be used after hair removal with hair removal spray or IPL hair removal laser. Using them every day, will get you a better hair growth inhibiting result.

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