How to Get Rid of an Ingrown Hair?

Anyone who has used a razor understands the slow (and often painful) process of trying to get rid of an ingrown hair.

In case you’re not entirely familiar, an ingrown hair is a strand that makes its way back into your skin after you shave, tweeze or wax, resulting in a tender ball of inconvenience.

How to get rid of an ingrown hair safely ? 

Thankfully, most ingrown hairs tend to work themselves out over time. That’s why it’s really best to keep your hands (and razor) off of it until it heals. Avoid squeezing, scraping, or digging for it and let nature run its course. There is a risk of infection and scarring if bacteria is introduced during the extraction.

✔️ Apply a warm compress. Do this for a few minutes multiple times a day to help soften your skin and calm down inflammation,  It may also help the hair work its way out a little faster.

✔️ Lift the hair with a needle. If you already see a hair loop sticking out (again, no digging for it), you can use a sewing needle to help remove it. 

✔️ Gently exfoliate. You can use a clean, warm washcloth and gently rub over the area to exfoliate and encourage the hair to emerge. 

✔️ Use the treatment serum. You'd better use some essence water after shaving, waxing, etc. This can avoid and reduce the occurrence of ingrown hairs, razor burns as well as reduce red spots, inflammation, etc. 

PANSLY 100ML Ingrown Hair Serum Treatment can help you reduce dark spots, redness, as well as razor burns for men & women. 

If the spot is still tender or inflamed after a few days or shows any signs of infection—like increasing pain, warmth in the area, or oozing—it’s really time to rope in your dermatologist, who can figure out the best removal method depending on the area the ingrown hair has formed.

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