Do you know the knowledge about hair removal?

Do you know? Hair removal is more suitable for winter!


The hair growth cycle is divided into three stages: growth phase, resting phase, and anagen phase. As far as the hair growth cycle is concerned, the hair growth cycle of different parts is different. Generally, satisfactory hair removal results are obtained after 3-6 times. Start operation in winter and wait until summer to achieve good results. When others are busy worrying about the hair on their body, you can wear suspenders and short skirts as you like, and show off your smooth and beautiful skin at will, envy others.

Hair removal is more suitable for autumn and winter. This is because the hair removal technology only works on the hair in the growth period, so it takes at least 3-4 times (including laser hair removal) to make all the hair receive the operation. The hair removal time should be 30-45 days. In this way, the time span of hair removal is generally about 4-6 months. Therefore, autumn and winter are more suitable for hair removal, so that you can wear it safely in the next summer. Sleeve, strapless outfit.

Beauty lovers need to avoid hair removal in summer. This is because the human body is sweaty in the summer, and hair removal can easily lead to skin infections. Hairy parts of the body are also prone to dampness, and the skin is thinner and tenderer than other parts. Breeding bacteria and causing infection. Therefore, summer is not suitable for hair removal.

Generally, as long as healthy adults without skin diseases can get hair removal, the sooner you get hair removal, the earlier you can achieve long-term hair removal. And minors are generally not suitable for hair removal, because the level of hormone secretion of minors has not stabilized, and early hair removal may not have the corresponding effect of hair removal.


People who love beauty want to get slippery skin by doing hair removal, then they need to know that the number of hair removal is different for each part of the body.

Generally, armpit hair, leg hair, and arm hair need to be removed 4-6 times, and the lip hair is relatively fine. People need to do about 10 times to remove lip hair. Some people are more curious why the number of times of hair removal is different for different parts. In fact, this is mainly because the hairs of different parts respond differently to the operation.


And winter hair removal does not require special care. We all know that after a week of hair removal, we should pay attention to strict sun protection, avoid high-intensity ultraviolet radiation and hot water washing. In summer, ultraviolet light is strong, and sun protection is a very troublesome task. In winter, ultraviolet rays are relatively weak, and clothing can be blocked without deliberately considering sun protection, which can make the skin better repaired.

How about hair removal in winter is better than in summer! What are you waiting for winter hair removal to make you more comfortable!

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